Field Service Management

Software to Empower Your Business's Growth

Feature Categories

Zip Solutions offers field service management software features that Plumbers, Electricians and HVAC businesses need to efficiently manage
their office, train technicians and satisfy their customers with confidence and peace of mind.

Dispatch Board Features

  • Drag and Drop Scheduling
  • Fleet Tracking with Driver Reports
  • Automate Pricing Based on Location/Time
  • And More
desktop screenshot of Zip Solutions dispatch, scheduling and technician tracking software features
rectangular screenshots of Quickbook features in the context of integrating with Zip Solutions field service software

Admin Automation Features

  • QuickBooks Integration
  • Custom Forms
  • Accept Payment Remotely and on Location
  • Telephony
  • And More!

Sales Process Features

  • Price Books Built for Your Industry
  • “Good, Better, Best” Sales Presentations
  • Service Agreements
  • And More!
iPad and iPhone screenshots of sales process features from Zip Solutions field service management software
desktop with zoomed-in details of Zip Solutions field service software technician stats features

Technician Training
& Tracking Features

  • Sales Presentations That Empower Techs
  • Technician Behavior Tracking
  • Tech Procedure Enforcement
  • And More!

Marketing &
Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

  • Dispatch/Tech Phone Call Recording
  • Ad Tracking
  • Google Review
  • And More!
mobile screenshot of Zip Solutions customer review gathering features
desktop and iPad screenshots of Zip Solutions service software inventory management features

Additional Features

  • Dynamic Inventory Management
  • Multiple Consumer Financing Plans
  • Discounted Credit Card Processing Rates
  • And More!