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August 1, 2017

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Behave as if you’re at a friendly neighbor’s for dinner.

January 2, 2018

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Behave as if you’re at a friendly neighbor’s for dinner.

January 2, 2018


When you are invited into a customer’s home or business, you’re being evaluated as an invited guest. Imagine how you would feel if you invited a stranger in your home and they had an unpleasant odor, or was questionably dressed? What if their language was inappropriate or they had objectionable bias and threw cigarette butts in your yard?


Your technicians should be cognizant of their behavior and appearance when they are at a customer’s home or are out and about in the community. Typically, polite guests get invited back and in the case of a service business, might even earn a 5-Star review. A junior technician with exceptional manners will make up for his lack of superior technical skills.


We’ve all experienced good service and poor service at a restaurant or hotel. When the wait staff or receptionist is unfriendly, we’re less forgiving if a mistake is made. However, when a friendly, hardworking person brings us the wrong food, we’re inclined to be more forgiving.


By putting in some hard work and being considerate to guests, restaurant employees can actually make their job easier, their customer’s meal becomes more enjoyable, and the meal isn’t just about the price and quality of the food, it's the overall experience.


Just as a good invoice software can help the waitstaff stay organized, a good field service management software, can help service companies improve the overall experience for their customers - beyond price and quality.


Every day, every service call, strive to be the invited guest that everyone likes and you'll earn more just like the waitstaff.. because service business are always being evaluated by their customers.



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