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August 1, 2017

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Behave as if you’re at a friendly neighbor’s for dinner.

January 2, 2018

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Packaging Choice and Customer Satisfaction

July 4, 2017

Consumers expectations can be very demanding. As Consumers we are offered purchasing choices hundreds of times a day and we’ve come to love and expect it! However, service providers like us have been slow in adapting to these new demands.


Providing for these demands is difficult. It’s very complicated for service providers to strike a balance with Property Managers, Residential Consumers, Commercial Clients, Government Entities, and Industrial Complexes. They demand that we provide our services tailored for them. They need different pricing with a different level of service. It’s difficult. How do you train and monitor field technicians to do this consistently and accurately when they are working across town inside a customer’s building where we can’t see or assist them?


Nevertheless we have to change. Do you remember when you use to have to pay for email? Remember Block Buster? The Walkman? How about the Compact Disk? Paper Maps? The Pay phone? Dial up? If we don’t wise up and quickly respond to our customers expectations, they will shop elsewhere. Our customers are use to having several choices.


While choice is difficult to provide, we’ve made it easy. We’ve built the most awesome tool to help you simplify your operations, delight your customers and grow your business! You just pick from a selection of presentations, download it, and it use it! Because it’s a computer, it gives the right price with the right presentation to the right customer type just like you desired.


When customers are happier, they buy more! When they buy more, you have more financial breathing room and because these complicated systems are now made simple, you have time to vacation, give raises, help your community and …..


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