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August 1, 2017

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January 2, 2018

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Customer Retention and Scheduled Service Plans

December 5, 2017


They go by many names and designs. Most everyone understands them as The Service Agreement. We’ll refer to them as Scheduled Service Plans (SSP’s).



I’m a simple guy. I like to boil an idea down to its most simple element. If an SSP could do ONLY one thing, what should it to do? What’s its main purpose? I contend if it could only do one thing, it would be customer retention.



  1. It’s not direct profit center: Many SSP’s I get to see are designed to be a direct profit center. Of course we have to cover our expenses but we can’t unless we retain customers. Existing customers come back with many benefits and SSP’s bring them back and back and back and.. You get the idea.

  2. Poor designs: Organizations try a one size fits all customer types while other organizations wrestle with balancing discounts and services and expenses. We’ve evolved the SSP. We’ve separated the agreement and allow you to sell the services a-la-cart! There’s a HUGE power in this. You should see it in action.

  3. SSP Renewals: How to get the customer to pay for another year… Very difficult chore that we’ve eliminated with perpetual agreements charged monthly. We help you manage it and customers go for it in droves.

  4. Managing the promise:  Dispatchers will tell you, they struggle to schedule the recurring obligations that come after the sale of an SSP. Without a system, it’s a freaking nightmare!

  5. How much to discount.... On small tickets, 10% isn’t enough, while large installs it’s too much. We have a solution.



  1. How to sell… Lower the cost of the SSP to say the cost of traveling out there then divide it by 12 months. That puts the cost down to about $3.75 per month. Who can’t afford that! If you’ve given them great service, they will throw money at you. AND when something needs service, they will feel like they’ve been paying you. So why would they call anyone else! There’s the custom retention. But wait! These are the more maintenance minded customer, the customer type that makes for a profitable organization.

    1. Note, your competitors are trying to gather these customer types up before they are all committed to someone else. You should as well.

  2. A-la-cart Items… Allow the customer the choice to purchase a-la-cart recurring services on only the items they want. Customers want choice. We’ve made managing it simple. From your customer to the dispatcher to the technician, everyone loves SSP’s

  3. Target your SSP’s… Typically, SSP are sold residentially. But that doesn’t need to be the only reality. Now sell commercial SSP’s custom designed instantly and accurately. Any technician can sell them. The reminders are set, invoice charged. Customer made happy.


We have forever changed the way SSP’s will be sold. If you haven’t already done it. Schedule a demo. Ask about how to get started with SSP’s.


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