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August 1, 2017

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Behave as if you’re at a friendly neighbor’s for dinner.

January 2, 2018

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Customer Type Pricing

August 1, 2017

It’s not unfair to give different people different prices. In truth, it’s unfair to give them all the same price. It’s unfair to you and it’s unfair to your customer.


Trying to balance price and competition is one of the more difficult decisions you’ll have to make. Unfortunately, the balance is always changing and you’re constantly adjusting. What’s more difficult? You don’t just have one customer type.


You may have given up on some customer types because supporting their demands (and remaining profitable) is challenging. Property managers refuse to be treated like residential consumers who can’t be treated like Wal-Mart or your local County government. Everyone needs a different menu. You can’t charge your HVAC install customers the same as your HVAC Service customers. And if you have a nearby city that’s not so nearby or a smaller poorer community, can you really expect to charge them all the same price? Your supplier doesn’t charge all of his customers the same price… How can you?


Micro targeting of price is the future. Many of your competitors may be beating you with this tactic

already. (Better Price + Better Service = Better Value) Computers in the field is the only way to remain competitive. Having only one price means that you’re likely charging too much to some customers and too little to others. Either tactic may bankrupt you or at least take the fun out of business.


Let us show you how to easy it is to properly and consistently charge the right price to the right customer type in the right city in the right department at the right time of day. It sounds difficult, but computers make it easy. Let us help you. Schedule a demo.



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