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Simplify your office.

Delight your customers.

Grow your business.

Simplify Your Office with Field Service Management and Dispatch Software


Observe in real time how your business is doing from any web-connected device. 

Log in on any smart phone, tablet, computer or even smart TV that is connected to the internet to quickly see all the information you need to run your business. Easily see the performance of your techs, CSRs, marketing campaigns, and more.  

Schedule and Dispatch on the go.

Aren't always in the office when you need to send a dispatch or make an appointment? No problem. We realize that many companies have a part time office staff or an office staff that isn't always in the office. Dispatch yourself or other technicians right from your tablet. Turn this function on or off at will for nights and weekend scheduling or for your on call tech. 

Dispatch the optimal technician with current location, sales stats, and technical experience for every appointment.

There are a lot of things that come into play when trying to send the optimal technician for the job. What skills does that technician have? How far away is the technician? What else does that technician have to do today? Is there anyone about to finish up that is near that job site? Dispatching decisions are made easy when all the information you need is on one screen.

Keep your data safe and secure.

All your information in Zip Solutions is securely backed up multiple times by a professional hosting company. Earthquake? Fire? Power outage? No worries. Your data is backed up in multiple geographic locations and it's all available for download if you would like to store a copy as well.

Focus on what's important by eliminating double entry, tech phone calls, and the use of multiple programs.

Some parts of our job are currently viewed as necessary evils, and those parts can take time away from other tasks that need our attention. Zip Solutions eliminates those tedious tasks by efficiently providing all the information you need directly to your fingertips. We eliminate the need for multiple programs, double data entry, and multiple phone calls to your technicians to receive or relay information.

Send multiple technicians, helpers, or sales people to the same service request.

Have you ever used a system that only kind of works how you need it to when dispatching technicians? Zip Solutions is designed to work how you work. We make it simple to dispatch multiple people over multiple days to the same job, and we track the data you need for these complex situations automatically. No need to connect jobs or work orders after the fact.

Easily see clock in/out times, locations, and service history – even with multiple technicians on the same job or a job that lasts multiple days. We simplify what you do for a living.

Eliminate the hassle that comes with selling, servicing, and maintaining service plans and equipment maintenance logs.

Zip Solutions has in-office (reminders, marketing reports, logs, history, equipment condition, etc.) and in-field (photos, notes, price presentation, equipment condition, location, serial number, history, etc.) tools that easily create and maintain service plans and equipment maintenance information. Zip Solutions also provides clear reporting to help grow your service plan and equipment maintenance programs. We’d love to show you how to take the headache out of service plans and equipment maintenance.

Dispatch a technician to the same job over the span of multiple days and/or dispatch multiple technicians to the same job.

Do you have a multi-day job or want to send multiple technicians to one job? Zip Solutions enables you to track technician progress and statistics, such as time spent, inventory and deposits, day by day and technician by technician.  This information is then compiled into a single or multiple invoice(s) for the customer. During the job, or after it is complete, easily view job data for multiple technicians or days without the need to connect different work orders.

Group customers geographically to enable efficient zone and route dispatching.            

Are you spending significant time assigning a certain dispatch fee, hourly rate, or after-hours charge depending on what zone or route you are serving? Automate your pricing by simply assigning the job to one of your pre-set zones or routes. View reporting that illustrates performance for each zone or route you manage. Set it and forget it – or use these performance reports to actively monitor and update your pricing structure. 

Schedule service calls easily with day, week, and month views.

Do you need to plan out calls for a future day, week, or month? No need to click through day after day trying to find an open date and time. Now you can quickly view the holes in your schedule with Zip’s day, week, or month view to plan the customer’s service call for the optimal time slot.

Differentiate selling techs and non-selling techs.

Are you tired of using several different programs, files, or reporting methods to track differing technician compensation? House all technicians on the same program and restrict what you don’t want them to use or see.


Zip Solutions allows you to easily dispatch your selling technicians and non-selling technicians to the same job. You can track all their job data from time and inventory used to number of trips to the job site.  When the job is finished, send one or multiple invoices to the customer.  After job completion, you can easily use one compensation program for all your technicians.

See who is logged in and who is “on the clock".

See which technicians are logged into their phone, tablet, or computer and which technicians say they are on the clock right on the dispatch board. Have a technician that is logged out but clocked in? It might be time to remind them to clock out. 

Consolidate your dispatch board.

Do you only dispatch to a certain department or trade? Easily configure your board to filter by what you need to see. Sample filters include technicians, working hours, and departments.

Or, looking to quickly assign a call to a certain department or location and want to simplify the board temporarily? Use our quick filters to hide the extra data temporarily and eliminate unnecessary sorting and searching.

Centralize dispatch for multiple organizations or brands.

Do you have multiple brands or locations? With our dispatch technology, remove the need for two call centers, as just one call center can easily switch between organizations or companies in Zip Solutions to schedule and dispatch service requests to the correct location. Combine this technology with our auto technician skills rating feature to enable the most effective and efficient dispatching for every job. 

Interested in simplifying your office?

Delight your customers.


Equip your office and field staff with customer and job activity to fully understand customer interactions.

People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Zip Solutions makes it easy to communicate and store essential customer and job information, so you can truly remember each of your customers. Wow your customers by knowing more about their service history than they may know.

Easily create, update, and present beautiful sales presentations, on the go, that will wow your customers.

Customers love it when they can understand what is wrong and are given the opportunity to choose the solution that best fits them. It's been proven that when a customer understands the problem and possible solutions, they are more satisfied. As we all know, happy customers buy more, use us time after time, and refer us to their friends and family.

Measure your success, grow your SEO, see more customers leaving 5 stars on social media and review sites.

Are you making customers happy every day? Let Zip Solutions automate the process of capturing those customers’ feelings so that other potential customers know what great service you provide. Do you have any reviews that you haven’t responded to? Let us help you automate that process as well and have every review responded to within 24 hours.

Eliminate the “Sorry, Boss” excuse from your technicians. Make presenting the correct price automatic in the field.

Automatically adjust price based on a variety of reasons that you determine such as:

  • Selling to a property manager, residential customer, or commercial customer

  • Services/ parts sold through your different departments (install vs service department etc)

  • After-hours calls without customer knowing you are charging an after-hours fee

Ensure perfect handwriting and spelling with no math errors – every time.

Do you ever need a technician to interpret what they have written on the invoice? Have you ever had a customer frustrated over a mistake with a math computation? Eliminate bad handwriting and math mistakes with our paperless billing and invoicing. Not ready to get rid of the paper completely? No problem, simply print off the invoices with flawless handwriting and calculations.

Show off what you’ve done, record services rendered, and communicate what’s happening in the field to management.

Photos ease communication. Zip Solutions removes the difficult part of keeping photos – storage. Oftentimes, technicians take a photo but struggle to find it when they need it. Or, technicians end up deleting needed photos because storage is running low. Zip Solutions helps technicians keep the photos where they are easily accessible and manageable.

Photos are kept with the products you are presenting to your customers and to the jobs you have completed. Additionally, technicians can store photos alongside the maintenance log for the equipment you service. Or, send photos to the office for a manager to help with a question.

Interested in delighting your cusotmers?

Grow your business.


View actionable data about every part of your business with the most comprehensive reporting in the industry.

Measure CSRs, technicians, marketing, different departments, different zones or routes, the types of customers served and more! Since Zip Solutions builds your price from the ground up (based on the variables you set), we can create custom reports for any combination of your choosing. Use our standard reporting or slice and dice your data like a pro.

Close more opportunities when booking appointments by comparing CSRs’ bookings.

Want to book more of the phone calls already coming in? Zip Solutions can help make this simple. Compare CSR records and train them to close more calls so that your technicians have more opportunities to sell.

Boost tech closure rates and average sale with compelling, targeted, visual pricing in the field.

Easily present good, better, best for each type of service call you go on. Quickly edit every part of your presentation in the field. Use our price book, upload your own, or use one of our industry partners’ books. Show packaged pricing, itemized pricing, admin pricing, or While We’re HereTM pricing depending on who you are presenting to.

Show pictures, videos, warranty statements, service agreement pricing, and equipment maintenance options seamlessly on every call.

Easily present add-on products in a way that customers like to buy.

Having trouble getting your technicians to sell add-on products? Let Zip Solutions help with our While We’re HereTM pricing. You can make more money and improve customer care by installing add-on products in a single visit. Make your technicians expert add-on product salesmen with Zip Solution’s While We’re HereTM price presentation. This enables you to offer a discount and is a win-win for both you and your customer.

Reduce the number of trips back to the warehouse or to the supply house by keeping your trucks stocked with a simple inventory system.

Are your technicians wasting time traveling to the warehouse, driving to the supply house, or updating an inventory system that takes more time than it’s worth? Easily record what was taken off each truck (or from the main warehouse) for which job.

Need to get a specialty part for a job? No problem. Create a PO on the fly and attach it to the job for easy accounting.

Easily find what you are trying to sell in your price guide or flat rate book.

Do you ever have trouble locating a particular item or service to sell? Using Zip Solutions, this is a thing of the past. Easily find what you are trying to sell in your price guide or flat rate book. If you know the name of what you are trying to offer, simply type it in. Don’t know the name? No problem. Easily drill down to find it using the category and subcategory of the item you want. Don’t want to spend time searching or drilling down to get to your most used items? Keep your most used products, services, and packages/templates even more accessible by marking them as favorites.

Easily process credit cards and checks in the field – and get the best rates doing it.

Are you losing too much money processing credit cards or don’t know the rate you are being charged? Do you have trouble getting checks back to the office and processed quickly? Use Zip Solutions’ mobile processing to verify and collect one or multiple payments while on the jobsite. Send Zip Solutions your statements, and our integrated partner will meet or beat your current processing rates.

Use best practices from industry peers for price presentations: packages with names, photos, warranties, videos, and notes.

Head over to our template center to easily download and customize these presentations to make them your own. Upload your own template to the store to see how other people rate what you created, and track how many people have downloaded and use what you submitted. Or, ask how to connect and download proprietary price books from our pricing product partners to stay up-to-date with your suppliers’ pricing.

Enable all technicians to sell as effectively as your top seller by automating parts of their price presentations.

We’ve made it so you can automate the little things that make a big difference. Automate which packages are shown for each product line (kitchen sink, bad thermostat, surge protection, etc.) while also enabling your technicians to easily make changes in the field to their presentation once they see the job.

Segment your customers based on their type (residential, commercial, property manager etc.). Then, preset margins for each customer type and predetermine which customer types are eligible for your service partner plans and which are eligible for financing.

Set different margins for each of your departments (install, service, excavation etc.) and have your price adjust automatically based on what department each product is sold from.

Make your incentives readily known to your technicians and sales people.

Do you have sales incentives for your technicians or are you looking to implement sales incentives? Be sure your sales team is clear on the incentive, so they are incentivized. Do your technicians ever have a difficult time differentiating between which product is what? Automatically have coded versions of average labor time, materials budget, and spiff for each product in your price book so your technicians can charge for the correct services and products every time.

Increase closure rate by presenting financing options to your customers on-site with the click of a button.

Have you ever had a customer say they wanted to buy from you but they didn’t have the money?  With one click, show the product and bundle monthly cost both with and without financing. Additionally, Zip Solutions offers the ability to show first and second look financing to help close the deal.

Lower your start-up investment, as there is no need to buy new devices for your technicians.  

Zip Solutions can be used on any device that can access the internet – for example, one technician can use one type of device, such as their smart phone, while another technician can use a completely different device, such as a tablet. Are you worried about security? Our software has built-in security measures no matter what type of device is used. We would love to chat about the pros and cons of using different devices.

Interested in growing your business?